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When I’ve had a few beers, I attempt songs I shouldn’t. #Radiohead #nude #acoustic #guitar #cover #DontDrinkAndGuitar #Giggity

Begging Ghosts

Hate will bury everyone some how
But love’s what’s keeping you from life
See I’ve seen things worth my time
And I’ve felt things worth dying for
Baby, believe me when I say
You’re the best mistake I’ve ever made

She’ll break down every piece of you
Then she’ll put you back together
No shelter from the killer that’s lust
Can’t say it would have worked out
But believe me when I say
Nobody loves you more than me

Life’s a constant look over your shoulder
Prayer has stalled our evolution
No telling where we go from here
I wouldn’t have lasted to see the finer things
But believe me when I say
I would have loved you til the end

Snippet of a song I’m working on. Writing sober is rough. Lol #Shadows #acoustic #guitar #music #poetry #Platypus



Shark Week-Great White Edition

My favorite


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Snippet of one of my favorite songs

"For the dead travel fast"

Cradled by nothing more than death
Ravenous and oblivious is thy path
A foot over the ledge,
One balancing the fault line
The blood is the life
But man soon runs dry

Pain feeds the hunger of old
Thy skin lives but the heart grows cold
Warmth tempts optimism to whisper
The language of foreign souls prevails
The blood is the life
The blood is all that remains

She speaks of a love that’s lost
While life drains from her veins
Romantic needs tear at her soul
But she only digs her own lonely grave
Death will come to us all
But something far worse awaits when you fall…

Time to dig into this madness finally. #books #horror #hpLovecraft

The Romantic Folly of Ms. Smith

Even amidst passion, evil doth linger

The lacking need for coherence is bliss

We’ll swim in never ending tides of love

Basking in the scent of freedom, we will

Such innocence thy body keeps, Mademoiselle, 

But undiscovered lands find kings in time

Tis’ true that I’m unbecoming of royalty

But dire lengths I’d go to try on the robe

The passion is real whence the two are one

Whence the only sounds are betwixt lovers

Deeper thy trance doth venture now

You see worlds unknown behind my eyes

My mind you see but cannot read

Let the passion keep thy mind numb

The whites of thy eyes are the sign

All has come around full circle now

For you see, Mademoiselle,

The whites of my eyes have shined too

And as you will soon now learn

Even amidst passion, evil doth linger

Light goes away whence thy mind is gone

And with thy mind vacant,

As it runs along the fields of spring,

Thy name was never known

The eyes that you did peer behind

Kept the reflection of all you’ve ever wanted

To be loved…

A Witch’s Reminder of a Love Lost at Sea

We could have danced ‘til the grave
But my heart wasn’t loud enough
You needed something simple
Your lust was a disease

I gave you everything!
I lifted your feet from the ground
We swung beneath the moon
And danced above the sea

Still you chose a creature below
She who could smile and sing
But surely can not dance.
Am I nothing to you?

I curse my own heart for loving you
A sign of the cross buried me away
Yet you’d choose a godless beast
To make your own

With these tears I shed
I hold tight to what could have been
I offered you everything, yet and still
I’m here flying below the moon alone